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Indian Spring

2011.09.11 22:12

Experience and learn from an expert- how to cook and prepare three popular curry dishes, Chai tea and unique Indian sweets. Our special guest teacher, Mr. Arun D`Souza is from Mangalore, southern part of India.
Indian Spring Event
▲ An Indian feast – Tandori Chicken and curry . Tandor means “oven” in Tamil .
The Pro
▲ The Pro
▲ Cooking class begins .Chai Tea
▲ Introducing ingredients like elaichi or cardamon seeds , to make authenic Chai tea .
▲ Attendees ready to try their hands on cooking authentic Indian curry .
Soan Papdi with Chai Tea
▲ Soan Papdi, also known as Soan Halwa, is a flaky Indian dessert made with besan (gram flour made from split chickpeas) , flour, ghee, sugar and flavored with elaichi (cardamon seeds) and rose water, toasted pistachio and almond.

▲ Enjoying authentic Indian food with new-found friends .